PT. Prima Logam Lestari


About Prima Logam Lestari

Built on the foundation of 80+ years of accumulated experience and progress in the recycling industry. Prima Logam Lestari now has one of the most extensive scrap metal supply chain network in Indonesia. Since the 2010s, Prima Logam Lestari has begun reaching globally, exporting most of its products sourced from Indonesia. Now with partners around the globe, Prima Logam Lestari is helping transform the global metal manufacturing industry, to a more sustainable future.

ABout Us

Vision & Mission

Ambitious, Forward thinking and Revolutionary, Prima Logam Lestari plans to bring its expertise to build and expand its extensive networks around the world. Helping the world go cleaner, go greener.

Best Quality

We exercise the best control to supervise and select products.


We are an officially registered company in Indonesia and meet the existing standards


With our experience and competent team we provide the best service